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Product Details > Transfer paper for textiles
Texitran CP
Texitran CP is a range of specialist transfer papers for high quality decoration and trouble free printing in variable conditions. Both screen and offset litho variations are available, as well as customisations on request.
Designed to cold peel, it is a specialist printing paper for use with a range of ink types, such as plastisol, water based and solvent - with or without powdered adhesives. Compatible with water based inks, it will allow the production of ECO friendly transfer systems including PVC free and Phthalate free.
Ideal for all fabric types such as T-shirts, sweat shirts, care labels and synthetic fibre materials as used for workwear and sportswear.
Texitran HS
Texitran HS is a range of lightweight, specialist papers for high quality decoration - designed for screen printing using plastisol ink systems and powdered adhesives. Texitran HS customisations are available to meet your specific requirements. It is ideal for designs with a matt finish, such as T-shirts, care labels and socks but can also be used on synthetic fibre materials such as those used for workwear and sportswear.
Texitran Offset
This addition to the trutextile® range has been specifically designed and tested to produce exceptional quality decoration and trouble free printing with offset litho process. With dramatically improved colour intensity and consistency, Texitran Offset has been expertly manufactured to bring textile printing to life.