New: Hand and Surface Sanitisers for Covid-19
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Hand sanitiser Gel
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Hand sanitiser Gel
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Textile & Graphics Solutions introduced a new range of specialist transfer papers in September 2017 for high quality decoration and trouble free printing. Designed to cold peel, they are specialist printing papers for use with a wide range of ink types, such as plastisol, water based and solvent - with or without powdered adhesives. Compatible with water based inks, they allow the production of ECO friendly transfer systems including PVC free and Phthalate free. Ideal for all fabric types such as T-shirts, sweat shirts, care labels and synthetic fibre materials as used for workwear and sportswear.

TGS launched S-RACE® digital sublimation transfer papers in August 2017.
S-RACE® Papers have microporous coatings for fast sublimation. Extremely fast drying and short transfer times guarantee a highly efficient production process, with excellent line sharpness. These papers provide outstanding results on soft and hard substrates for applications such as fashion, home décor, textiles, sportswear, soft signage, skis, snowboards and merchandising products.

TGS was endorsed in Feb '17 by the largest screen printer based in Nottingham.

TGS is introducing Pallet Protection Tape into its extensive range.
Pallet Protection tape is a standard weight saturated smooth paper tape with heat resistant adhesive. Cleaning up messy spray adhesive from your pallet is time consuming and costly. It's also unnecessary. By covering your carousel pallet with Pallet Protection tape and spraying the paper tape instead of the pallet, press clean up time is simply a matter of removing and discarding the tape. The whole process is fast and easy.

  • Save time and money
  • Reduce clean up time
  • Fast curing