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Bonding agents do not act like a conventional adhesive. Instead, they are reactive chemical compounds that are able to form solid chemical bonds with certain 'anchor groups' on the surface of the fiber (-OH, -NH2 groups). In doing so they anchor the PVC firmly to the fiber - more firmly than would be possible if the fiber netting was merely penetrated mechanically by the PVC plastisol. Bonding agents increase the adhesion of a PVC adhesive coat to many industrially important fibers by several hundred percent.
The application of a bonding agent is extremely simple: it is sufficient to stir a few percent of this additive into the plastisol adhesive coat which can then be processed as usual. TGS bonding agents are compatible with most other PVC additives, which means that in many cases the same basic formula - PVC, stabilizer, plasticizer, filler, pigments - can be used for both anchor and top coats. Nevertheless, the best formula should be determined in each individual case by means of preliminary investigations and simple tests. Every fiber is different, and depending on the plastisol formulation, the resulting adhesion may frequently be optimized further through a shrewd selection of appropriate bonding agents.

The reactive bonding agents anchor the PVC polymer firmly to the fiber surface by means of actual chemical bonds with a long-lasting effect.
TGS's bonding agent systems are available as one-component and two-component technologies, which means that they can easily be individually adapted to standard production processes. Even the easy-to-handle one-component systems improve the properties of the products created and therefore provide our partners with valuable benefits in the bottom line.

If there are particular requirements to be fulfilled, for example if non-yellowing coatings are needed for background-illuminated advertising boards, then the use of specific systems is recommended. Here too, TGS has the right response to every challenge.
Since bonding agents have such a critical significance when it comes to achieving a long working life in quality tarpaulins that take a lot of stress, it is natural that particularly high quality standards must be applied during their selection. Through the use of high-quality products, many sources of error can be eradicated in the early stages. For example, the purity of the bonding agent's active ingredient has a significant influence on its potlife or the adhesion achievable. Our effective quality assurance procedures and state-of-the-art production ensure that the product quality of TGS is always of a consistently high standard.
Through the constant optimization of TGS bonding agent systems the user also has confidence that he is working with additives that meet the requirements of modern PVC tarpaulin production and that offer the ideal cost-effective solution even when it comes to difficult tasks.

Layer construction of a high-quality PVC tarpaulin: the adhesive coat is responsible for the good cohesion of the product.