New: Hand and Surface Sanitisers for Covid-19
Hand sanitiser Gel
Hand sanitiser Gel
Hand sanitiser Spray Bottle
Hand sanitiser Gel
Hard surface sanitiser spray
Hand sanitiser Gel screw top
5 Litres
Hand Cleanser for removing ink stains
15 Litres
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For fastest sublimation
S-RACE® digital sublimation transfer papers have a microporous coating for fastest sublimation. Extremely fast drying and short transfer times guarantee a highly efficient production process. With excellent line sharpness, these papers provide outstanding results on soft and hard substrates for applications such as fashion, home décor textiles, sportswear, soft signage, skis, snowboards and merchandising products. They impress with their exceptionally consistent quality.
GradeProductSurfaceg/m2Product Catagory
J15055S-RACE®Matt55Microporous coated sublimation paperS
J15075S-RACE®Matt75Microporous coated sublimation paperS
J20080S-RACE®Matt80Microporous coated sublimation paperS
J15105S-RACE®Matt100Microporous coated sublimation paperS
J20105S-RACE®Matt105Microporous coated sublimation paperS

WhitenessPrintabilityRecommended Printing Technology
AWAlpine WhiteSSimplex printableInkjet water-based
BWBright WhiteDDuplex printableInkjet solvent
WWhiteSBSimplex printable (backside print)Inkjet latex
NWNatural WhiteInkjet UV
IWIvory WhiteHigh-speed Inkjet systems
MMetallicSublimation water-based
Indigo systems
Dry toner systems