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FLOCK is a powder of fibres of various kinds. It is soft, lightweight and odourless.

It is generally coloured, since it is dyed during the production process.

It isused for decorative purposes. Nevertheless, thanks to the natural features of the fibre used to produce it, flock is also used for products from specific technical sectors.

A very widespread man-made fibre, much appreciated for its high resistance.

It is available in various linear densities and in the mat, polished, shining or mass-died version.

This fibre can be used in various sectors and for many different applications.
The surfaces flocked with nylon are compact and they resemble velvet to the touch. Rhey are highly resistant to abrasion, bruises and humidity.
It is produced from 'tow' (a sheaf of continuous and parallel fibres) of nylon.

It is said that the nylon is a man-made, not artificial fibre, because it is obtained from processed by-products of petroleum refining.

The surfaces flocked with nylon flock are flexible, lightweight and get dry very easily.
Flock Nylon (Polyamide 6.6) 3.3 dtex semidull - mm 1.0

Bianco Ottico N500

Naturale N020

Avorio N001

Sabbia N016

Grigio Perla N021

Grigio N003

Nero N100

Blu Elettrico N009

Petrolio N010

Blu Notte N011

Turchese N028

Azzurro N029

Avio N030

Verde Chiaro N031

Verde N005

Verde Scuro N006

Limone N032

Giallo N004

Ocra N033

Arancio N012

Cammello N034

Ruggine N017

Marrone N018

Testa Moro N019

Rosso N013

Rubino N035

Bordeaux N014

Prugna N015

Rosa N027

Viola N008
Flock Nylon 3.3 dtex semidull - mm 1.0 FLUORESCENT

Arancio F001

Fuchsia F004

Verde F002

Giallo F003
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