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Murakami MS-Capillary Film is available in both rolls and custom cut sheets. MS-Film produces excellent stencils with very easy application techniques. The image quality of MS-Film improves the ink gasket and fine details for the most demanding print resolutions.
The photo to the right shows the improved RZ Value of Capillary Film (on right) vs. Direct Emulsion (on left)
Capillary Film Application Chart:

Learn how to adhere Murakami MS Capillary Film with emulsion. Murakami MS-Film creates fast stencils with unsurpassed resolution and durability. Step by step instructions for capillary film.
How to adhere Murakami MS Capillary Film with a wet screen. Step by Step instructions to achieve maximum stencil quality.
See how to adhere Murakami's MS Capillary Film by using water and a spray bottle to your screen. Step by step instructions to achieve capillary film screens.
Murakami MS Film can be adhered with any of these methods. For maximum strength stencils and masks adhere with emulsion.